Five Most Amazing Animal Fact Part II

Well Guys i am back with another set of Five most Amazing, Unique and Interesting animal Facts. I hope you guys had liked that one.. since that post became mine blog's Post, so i thought to write second set of it.  If you already haven't seen set 1 then see it ,, Here's Link :

Now, then Let's start with Another set of Unknown Monsters :P .

6. Tardigrade

 Fact : Do they look cute to you?? Well, this small Microscopic eight legged creature is some kind of freaky superhero who refuses to die, in even uninhabitable environments.
Well, they are also called Water bears. The name water bear comes from the way they walk, reminiscent of a Bear's gait. 

Well, In a Single liter of Water their count maybe upto 25000. Now, you will think that what's So special About them that i am them in this awesome List. Well, Tighten your seat belts , here it goes.

These Small Water Bears are able to sustain 1000 times more radiation than any other Animal (including us Humans too). Wow, that makes some kind of Superman.... Now,, it hasn't ended yet, so dont loosen your seat belts yet. Since 2007, tardigrades have also returned alive from studies in which they have been exposed to the vacuum of space for a few days in low Earth orbit. That Makes these little beasts First animals to ever have survived in Space.

These may sustain temperature as less as -273 C and as high as 200 C. Even more , they may survive for decades without drinking water. They may also sustain pressure as much  as 1200 times of Atmospheric pressure and as low as that of Vacuum. 

Well, these guys are Microscopic or they would have dominated Earth due to their toughness and sustainable behavior.

7. Exploding Ant

Fact : Well, as you may see these Suicide squad directly from Malaysia.  No, No... Need to worry them are not some kind Bomb which may deal damage to you,, they simple Harmless Ant :P , well when they Blast themselves they release some shit-ty Gluey Liquid( Dont get wrong meaning) which stops their predators on the way. Atleast i will try to stay from that Liquid.

Well, these ants internally combust under threat, causing their bodies to explode (they wait until their enemies are close enough to die before detonating). What i cant understand is what kind of Defense is that which includes detonating yourself... I guess they are mini terrorists which terrorist organisations  must hire.

8. Bathysaurus

Fact :  Well, these big razor sharped Creatures really are Scary. It kind of reminds of Dinosaurs,, and not the leaf eating ones... Meat Eating. Well, these creatures resemble Dinosaurs in just one Mindless eating. Yes, they will eat anything they encounter. For them ,Every meal is a Hamburger from Mac Donalds, or Dominos pizza,, never asked them..

 A Face which can be only loved by it's mother , these creepy fishes are categorized in   Super Predators of sea also frequently termed Lizard Fish. They dwell in darkest regions of sea.

9. Deep Angler Fish

Fact : Well, These Fishes are pretty Badass fishes of the ocean. Oh well, why did i used Fishes ... these are not fishes.. these are mini demons. Can you see that Bulb on her head?? Well, First of all you guys need to know that this Fish lives in Dark area in very deep sea, and not even single ray of light gets there, so they use that darkness to prey, check how?

Well, they use those small Lanterns coming from their head to lure fishes toward them. Small Fishes who do not what it is reach there only later they find that they are encased in Deep Angler's Tummy. well, another mentioning  fact about it is they may eat preys even of their size.

10. Glass Frog

Fact : Well these Frogs are as their name suggests pretty clear and transparent, so transparent that you may even see their  content. Well, i included it in this list because of it's special looks. It is one of the rarest creature of world and they are on verge of extinction.

Glass frogs are similar in appearance to some green frogs of the genus Eleutherodactylus and to some tree frogs of the family Hylidae. However, hylid tree frogs have eyes that face to the side, whilst those of glass frogs face forward.

Centrolenidae is a diverse type of frogs distributed from southern Mexico to Panama, and through the Andes from Venezuela and the island of Tobago to Bolivia, with some species in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins, the Guiana Shield region, southeastern Brazil, and northern Argentina.
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