World's top 5 Unsolved Mysteries

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There are many Mysteries yet which have not been solved , and i am listing some top Unsolved Mysteries. It contains likes of Bermuda Triangle, The Pyramids,  Crop Circles , Stonehenge , Area 51,UFOs, Sea and Lake Monsters, Yeti/BigFoot,etc. But i will Just use 5 of them like Bermuda triangle,etc

There have many claims that these mysteries have been solved but apparently each theory has some defects, making these mysteries Unsolved. We find many people Searching Search Engines as " Bermuda Triangle solved ?? " or about UFO's Pictures or " Do UFO's Exist",etc . But in the end everything remains same... No theory till now has been able to solve these.. 

#5. Stonehenge 

I guess most of us have heard Stonehenge of Great Britain,, if you dont know yet what they are then, first of all check basics about them by clicking here

stonehenge, Mysteries of the world, World's amazing mysteries of world, Unsolved mysteries of world, Stonehenge and top unsolved mysteries of worldNow, i guess you are aware what that thing is,, you will be thinking why i included those randomed Blocks of stones in mine list. Well, there is something you all must now,, these massive stones were moved around and erected in 2400 B.C. at a time when WHEEL was yet to be invented. Now interesting part is these were moved about 200 miles, now you must have noted that there was no wheel at that time.. Then how these stones were moved 200 miles,,, Did they use some Magic in Harry Potter style " Wingardium Leviosa "??. :P

Now, Second Phase included movement of stones again but it was conducted  around 2000 BC when some more stones were brought in from 25 miles.

Now, again third Phase was really amazing which included re-arranging of all those stones, i dont know somehow someone felt that these stones re-arranged to be moved and only God Knows how they did it. The mystery is how where they able to move such massive stones ,, each weighing in tonnes. Legends describe some Giants Moving it and carrying it, but do Giants Exist?? If Giant Men can exist then Fairies can also exist .... :P

 No one knows why these things were created and what was there purpose, but one thing is for sure, these Stones hide a secret which is yet to be known to mankind. For info how they were created check wiki page link i gave above..

#4. Area 51 and UFOs

Already there's been so much fuss about UFOs and Area 51. UFOs are one of the most searched Keyword on Google. Well, Basically UFO's in 70% times are nothing but either some plane or something.. Only 30% of time it looks legit. Now, I am writing this post in context to previous article, of mine about Aliens,, so if you havent read them yet... the click on link :                    
5 Reasons proving Existence of Aliens

Now, in that article in Varginha, incident , we see that Brazil Government captures so called UFOs and then no one knows where they go,, And then Government says that we dont know anything..(That's best cover-up story by each Government). Well, Just by a single statement they rejected whole town's evidence...

Well, so is in USA.. Area 51 is basically a such believed UFO abduction center where most "probably" experiments are carried out on Aliens. Now there's shoot at site law, if you try to go near it. It's Located about 150 miles away from Los angels where Engineers and scientists reverse engineer Highly advanced technology of UFOs, no one can access details about Area 51, as it is hidden in files by the name of National security. But there's not only UFO theory.. there are many theories like :

>> UFO's Spacecraft's are reverse -engineered

>> Theories like One world government or Majestic 12 program..

>> Development of time travel and Teleportation,etc

#3 Crop Circles

These are world's amazing art on huge area of Crops..I guess each of us is aware of this term.. Crop circles a unique kind of artistic creation by so called UFOs or Humans which includes amazing and complex art in crop fields, mostly characterized by Circles over night.Many scientists have proposed that it's been made by Weather changes like of Cyclones or storms, etc

Crop circles, Crop circles by UFO , Mysteries of the world, World's amazing mysteries of world, Unsolved mysteries of world

Scientists assumed that Complex structures were made by Hoaxers. Well I have a question for all UFO- logists  who claim that UFOs create these,, well i guess they assume that ALIENS have no work to do( or Aliens are big Trolls,, :) ), why would aliens waste their Precious time creating some stupid and complex art in agricultural field, if aliens want to show their sense of art then they rather be proving themselves in some Art competition(may be Intergalatic competition... xD )

But still crop circles are mystery ,, yet most of them have been solved..(These look better for Wallpaper.)

#2. The Pyramids

Well, Pyramids hide another set of mystery with them. Pyramids have many special characteristics which cant be brought in practice until you use extensive Technology. Pyramids are amazing and mysterious in many ways,, i will discuss few of them. 

Well first of all, some history about these marvelous things. The Pyramids were built around 5000 years ago,, "when there was no wheel",, the most amazing part is that how ancient Egyptians were able to transport such huge rocks, specially to top of Pyramid. Either they used some kind of unique instrument which was far better ( of course in terms of Technology) than we use today( NOTE : No wheel was invented, thus that leaves out any gear,etc) or did they got extra-terrestrial help?? Well, this question has never been answered. 

The Pyramids build by Aliens, Mysteries of the world, World's amazing mysteries of world, Unsolved mysteries of world

Now, Most amazing part is about shape of Pyramid, a czech radio engineer conducted an experiment over a sample Pyramid( Ratio 1 : 1000), in which he stored a razor and even after 40 shaves by that razor, razor's sharpness didnt decrease instead he felt that it's sharpness kept increasing..

Another one is about the height of the pyramid of Cheops, if you multiply it by a thousand million—98,000,000 miles corresponds approximately to the distance between the Earth and the sun.

#1. Bermuda Triangle

Well, as far i may conclude , everyone is aware about What Bermuda Triangle, and why I ranked it 1st. This legendary triangle is termed to a triangular ocean area near carribean which has been famous to sink ships , as if they are made of Paper. Planes crossing this triangle also face same problem. 

Bermuda triangle , Mysteries of the world, World's amazing mysteries of world, Unsolved mysteries of world, Bermuda Triangle Top Unsolved and weird MysteryOver the years, there have been a huge number of disappearances that happened in mysterious circumstances, supposedly falling beyond the possibilities of human error, equipment failure or natural disasters. Many paranormal theories talk of a suspension of the laws of physics.

Well, scientists have tried to explain it by many theories like " Methane Gas Theory". But as it happens in most mysteries Any theory cant fully satisfy paranormalists and people. 

But many Experts term it as nothing and they say that as this is a very busy route so, number of accidents may be large( By Large , how much Large they mean looks uncertain).

Basically i had many points to write in each sub topic. If i tried to write that many points then this post would have become boring.... If i missed any point then Point it out in comment so that if i ever write it's second part then i will include that point too. :)

I hope you guys  like it and i request you that please share it with your friends.

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I am waiting for your comments ......... :)

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