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5 (More) Amazing animals Fact Part III

There are still many such amazing,Unique and weird animals in this world which i am yet to discuss with you guys. 

If you missed mine previous Posts on Amazing animals then Click -->> Part 1 and Part 2

And sorry for so Late Post...

1."Assassin Caterpillar" (From Assassin Creed for You :) )   

Yeah,, Caterpillar can also be scary and Poisonous at the same time. It's Been Responsible for more than 500 lives in Brazil previous few years. 
People who were Poisoned by  it just said that they touched something on Ground or Tree. And when that area was Surveyed for suspected creature, only this guy was found everywhere ( I dont think someone is trying to frame it). Yeah this guy Mr. stealthy Assassin..

Scientists have been Worried due to this caterpillar since in Previous 2000 years ,, there were no such reports about this guy.. but in previous 10 years something happened which made this small guy realize it's Power and now it's on rampage( OVERKILL ).

Assassin Caterpillar,caterpillar,amazing animals of world, amazing animal fact,unique animals

But Chill, It's only found in Brazil and it has been listed as one of the most deadliest Creature on Earth.. If you visit Brazil be cautious or you may end up in Coma..

2. "Horror Wasp"/Megalara Garuda 

So, Meet Mr. Horror Wasp directly from Hell for you. Discovered in 2011 in Indonesia, It Grows to 2.5 inches..(OMG,, Now, we need a big Roll to hit and kill this guy). Also known as " warrior wasp" or "King of wasps". It's atleast twice of an average Wasp.
look at it's Pic and you will know how dangerous it can be..

King of wasps,Horror Wasp,Largest wasp,amazing animals of world,amazing animal fact

Well, as you can see that it looks purely symbol of satan. That's not end to this horror of this guy, its powerful jaws are so huge that they can wrap around its head while closed and are even longer than the bug’s legs while opened. Just Imagine... (That's your duty)

3. Honeypot Ant

Honeypot Ant ,, weird name for an ant,, eh?? Well no, they are named after their ability to carry huge amount of food and resources in their back. These ants act as warehouse for ants and their colonies. When Food is in excess ,, these ants are fed too much until their Backs elongate upto 10-20 times or larger and get filled by resources they want.

When resources are scarce , Worker ants simply strike antenna of Honeypot ants and these will vomit those resources which will be eaten by worker ants..( Yuck!!)

Honeypot ants, honeypot ant, amazing ants, amazing animals of world

 These are so valuable for an ant colony that sometimes other colonies will attack an colony for these ants.. Atleast we humans dont have such living warehouses,, good for sure.

4. Sawshark / The stabbing shark

Yeah you read it right, these are Saw-Shark( Saw + Shark = Overkill),, what an unique hellish mixture of saw and shark.. That's only thing Saw movie havent shown yet and now we have a shark on it's name. This guy has no need of a sword, it carries a sword as it's nose..(Pinocchio should also have learnt this art,, Nose Sword Fighting).

Stabbing shark,Pristiophorus Nancyae,Amazing sharks, Amazing animals,

It's a type of African Dwarf Saw Shark (Pristiophorus nancyae) which hunts by his "NOSE". One funny thing about this guy is that it is always overconfident and thus ends up charging in school of Fishes blindly,, but thanks to it's nose, some fishes do get stuck on his nose.

5. Puffer Fish

Puffer Fishes are some special type of fishes with whole body covered with thrones. One great thing about them is that these are more deadly after its death than during its life, since in many parts of world it's eaten very deliciously and in end , if not prepared with caution may turn out to be Poisonous.

Well, These fishes are one from which even sharks stay away. Actually whenever it feels threat it puffs his body by swallowing  huge amount of water which leads it's body to expand twice to thrice . It gives a warning by Puffing , " Yeah i am Dangerous , stay away or you will get stuck in thrones ",,eventually die since those thrones are Poisonous. 

Puffer Fish, Amazing Fish, Amazing animals of world

It's not dangerous for humans but for other Fishes and animals it's like legend to defeat. Even Sharks fear this guy. Mine suggestion,, dont mess with this guy or .....

Ok, So it's it.. I hope you guys Enjoy this new list of Amazing Animals ... Yeah  I know, that I was late ( Late!! eh) with this Post. But I Promise One Post each week atleast..
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