Unknown and Unsolved Mysteries of the Pyramids

This time i am back with 5 unknown, unsolved and Amazing Mysteries of the Pyramids. 

Mystery Of the Pyramids, The Mysterious Pyramids, The Pyramids, The Pyramids of Gisa

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So, Back to Topic, The Pyramids have always been most mysterious of all other Monuments of the world as it consists of mysteries regarding how it was built ,etc

>> How Pyramids were Built ??

How Pyramids were Built is one of the biggest question as many theories have cropped but none of them completely justify the whole scenario and they end contradicting themselves. Some say It was Built from Inside using Ramp ( Question is how you were able to build such large ramps without any technology) and some say from outside using Ramp, question remains same.

Getting such heavy rocks at top Pyramids is no child's Play and they were unaware with concept of Pulley at that time, and even thinking of transportation of Rocks by Ramp seems stupid and Ramp would have crashed easily, as rocks were to heavy to be carried.
Well, it still is a big Mystery. Some even suggest hand of Aliens in it.

 >> Pyramids around whole World

Well, another Big Mystery associated with The Pyramids is why these Monolithic  Buildings( Mountains ) are every where in world, does it mean something, if yes then what.

These buildings are everywhere in world like they are in Greece, India, Indonesia,Sudan, Nigeria,Spain, China , Mesopotamia, North America, etc ( Click here for Proof ) . 

Pyramid of Nigeria,Mystery Of the Pyramids, The Mysterious Pyramids, The Pyramids, The Pyramids of Gisa,

And Each of them have some religious beliefs associated with them thus making these Pyramids even weirder and Amazing in other sense. 

>> Missing Soot and Baghdad Batteries

Well, before i start writing about this topic , i want you to understand meaning of SOOT. Well, Soot is Black dense smoke generated by oil lamps,etc due to which Walls get Black.( Dont understand yet?? click here ). (Click here for Baghdad Batteries)

Electric Bulb of Pyramid,Mystery Of the Pyramids, The Mysterious Pyramids, The Pyramids, The Pyramids of Gisa, Now, I hope you understand Soot. So, mystery associated with soot is that there's no sign of this thing inside The Pyramids. In not even a Single Pyramid any sign of soot has been, ( i wonder how they used to work inside Pyramids  in dark). Now, again these Baghdad Batteries were found in Baghdad which is not much far away from Egypt. 

So, Question arises what they used for Lighting?? Did they use electricity  for this purpose, if yes then how were they able to make generators at such ancient age, since Many Pictures in Pyramid include a Picture of Bulb connected with wire. Have a look yourself.

Now, if they had invented Bulb at that time then what they used to power it. No, Baghdad Batteries produces very low power, 40 Baghdad Batteries are used to Power one single Bulb that means 80 kg of weight( 1 Baghdad Battery is of 2 kg) you need to carry each time to simply light a single bulb thus they used some other kind of source to produce energy which is still Unknown.

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