Was God an Alien : 5 Points proving it

 It's a big Question that "Do God Exist in reality " ? I have a Opinion on that Our God whom we worship were Aliens/UFO better say Aliens/UFOs are our God . I have many Points supporting Gods are Aliens which i will discuss in later part of this Article and thus exist in but sarcastically. 

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For Instance, In All civilizations, God is Believed to reside up in Sky somewhere or Universe somewhere..( Does it Ring Something ? )
Anything with very High Technology maybe termed Miracle and that's what Humans are fond of, and that's what they ancient mean though when they saw some spaceship,etc

For Instance , Jesus's Mother was a Virgin and suddenly she gets Pregnant ..( Effect of Artificial Womb, which was not present at that time) and Jesus takes Birth.

I already Gave you guys 2 Points, Now moving to other Points which i am going demonstrate now.

Points Proving God was an Alien/UFO :

1.  Depiction of God as Astronauts by Ancient Civilizations : 

Is God an Alien, Alien as God, UFO as GOD, Are Aliens our God, Dogu from Japan showing aliens were our godMany Ancient civilizations like Sumerians used to Worship People ( or GOD) who came from skies. As i stated above we humans have a niche for People coming from World we dont know and we start Worshiping him Like. Dont Believe me yet??

Well, Consider this real incident.. " During World war 2 , a pilot crashed in Brazilian Rain forest and Native people of that area started to believe him as God, they even formed a Religion on him which consisted of Wreckage of plane as a Holy Object with his other objects like Cigar Case,etc"

So, People unknown to science are always fond of such things and same has happened with People of sumeria or Egypt,etc. I Posting some Pictures to prove myself.

2. Various Religious Text Books

According to many religious TextBook there used be something like Flying Saucer. Take it Ramayana, where Chariots used to fly in which God used to sit.

According to Book of Ezekiel which recounts a vision in which Ezekiel sees an immense cloud (Gas residue) that contains fire and emits lightning and brilliant light. 
It moves on as ,The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. 
Eziekel Vision of God, Eziekel vision proving god was an alien, is our god an alien

The creatures were described as winged and humanoid( some Genetic Lifeform where Human body and Birds would have combined), they sped back and forth like flashes of lightning and fire moved back and forth among the creatures. 
The passage goes on to describe four shiny objects, each appearing like a wheel intersecting a wheel. These objects could fly and they moved with the creatures: "When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. [ Courtesy : Wikipedia]

3. Ancient Monolithic Wonders

I had already discussed about this Topic in mine Previous Blog Post that Aliens were one who created Building like The Pyramids of Giza or Baghdad Battery or Stonehenge ,etc

So, I will suggest you guys to read that there, since i hate re-posting :)

Check these here :

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5 points proving alien existence

4. Ancient Religious Practices 

Many Ancient Religious Practices have justified that they used to follow some weird Practices and deities which included trying to immitiate their God ( better say Aliens ) . These Practices included Stretching head of their Children to immitiate looks of their God ( Aliens). Dont Believe me ?? check this Picture from wikipedia which shows Skull of a person of Nazca Civilization :

Nazca Civilization Stretched Head, Nazca, Aliens are our God , Stretched Head of people of Nazca

Well, i hope you get mine message, what i am trying to convey. Why will people of any civilization try such act.??  It's Obvious to immitiate someone very Important, someone like whom they say God , someone who can perform Miracles , or someone like highly Brained Aliens.

5. Nazca Lines

Well, I am pretty sure that most of you are not familiar with Nazca Lines. Well, Basically, these lines  are huge Drawings in desert of Peru, which was not possible by any means by humans of that time, stretching to 80 km . Why??

Astronaut in Nazca Lines , Nazca's God was alien, Aliens are our God, Is god Alien, Is god UFO, Aliens are godBasically, These Lines are not simply lines but instead these huge Pictures of Monkeys, Spiders,etc, some even are 200 m long drawing which is not possible by today age Humans to even dont use Planes,etc to see what they have drawn and what they are drawing.Now, you must be wondering when they conducted this shit-ish art? Well, according to scholars , it was is mid of 400 AD. But Why they did so stupid work??

Basically, their aim was to be seen by Gods flying in Sky( Sounds rather Fishy to me). Amazing Part is all of the Pictures are representation of some constellation ( how come these old people knew about constellations and their Shapes). Now, are you getting where i am trying to get??

I still have some more Points which i may include in next issue of this post, if you guys like this one.Well, I hope You all like mine This post. Please comment down there to show  that you liked it or share it with friends or subscribe to us. Since, i really want to know how i am writing and i am satisfying your needs or not :)


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Disclaimer : None of Pictures in this Blog belongs to me. I have no right upon them  and if owner of those Picture have some problem then i am ready to remove them. 


  1. Some interesting ideas here but most can be explained by other means. I don't believe in God at all and thinking of him as an alien seems really silly to me!

    1. I think that the aliens must have had a very large member that made man fear thier wand.

  2. Well, Dan same's here i dont believe in God but there's a possibility of all these and as you said but most of these are not explained, thus arousing some suspicion... Thanks for your Opinion :)

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    1. Well, it has got no relation with topic mine friend :)

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  10. I alien is now alive in India


    2. So, what your saying is, Kayne West is an alien?

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  15. Perhaps aliens are doing the work of God and answer to him as we do.

  16. i m damm sure about that aliens visit earth time to time.and we worshipped them as a god and their population of their planet is 33 crore..male and female including both.

    1. are you autistic?

    2. If he is, he might be on to something. Some of the most brilliant people in the world in all of history had autism. A simple internet search could tell you this. Do some research before posting stupid assumptions. Close-minded, self-important, ignorant, prejudiced ass.

  17. Anybody who watched ancient aliens could have wrote this, if you really wana blog, get your hands dirty and investigate..

  18. Yes, all and all gods are somehow linked with outer space.
    almost all main characters of Mahabharata and Ramayana are also came from outer space so aliens are gods or devils, may be we too.

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  20. Looks like superman came to india

  21. I too now have opened up my mind an of the facts I've now been able to see,read, an heard of , instead of what was continued to been taught thru a religion most of my life! (My grandfather was a southern babtist preacher) and eyes open to facts I'm sure we are all of alien decent an our DNA was mixed with there's over the time problem was during the Greek era it wasn't going right, but by the Roman era as humans suddenly became more intelligent it was then more closely acceptable to there goals of merging them with us, face it we didn't all of sudden acquire our intelligence or did we😏, Yes God is a alien and we are the dependents of this an the proof. Look at the facts then think it out!

  22. Gods were aliens. Indian Blue Gods were aliens with divine powers.

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