5 Objects to create Doomsday

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21st December 2012 is seen as Doomsday by many People. There are 5 Objects which may convert End of Mayan Calendar as End of World. Basically I am talking about 5 ways to end the world or you may say How world may end in 5 ways.

Basically, we all aware that 21st December is a hoax and anyone really believing that world is going to end must shit on his brain for such thinking. NASA has repeatedly confirmed that there's no such thing except this call of 21st December being a hoax.

Well, but still there are some objects which may create such Conditions. By this i dont only mean that World will end on 21st ,, I am trying to say that  these things may end world on anyday irrespective of Dates.. So, Basically These 5 objects may really bring Doomsday anyday.

You must be eager to know what are these thing.. I am Writing down to you....

Control yourself Buddy .... :) :P

5 Things which may create 21st December as Doomsday :

World's top 5 Unsolved Mysteries

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There are many Mysteries yet which have not been solved , and i am listing some top Unsolved Mysteries. It contains likes of Bermuda Triangle, The Pyramids,  Crop Circles , Stonehenge , Area 51,UFOs, Sea and Lake Monsters, Yeti/BigFoot,etc. But i will Just use 5 of them like Bermuda triangle,etc

There have many claims that these mysteries have been solved but apparently each theory has some defects, making these mysteries Unsolved. We find many people Searching Search Engines as " Bermuda Triangle solved ?? " or about UFO's Pictures or " Do UFO's Exist",etc . But in the end everything remains same... No theory till now has been able to solve these.. 

12th December 2012 : End or a New Beginning

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Well, as you may see that 12 December 2012 ( 12- 12 - 12) or (12/12/12) is kind of unique in itself as " 12 " Interesting and Unique Number is Repeating itself 3 times. We all are aware of Doomsday or 21st December 2012.  12/12/12 and 12/21/12 or (21/12/12) has a relation between them

So, Does 12th December Marks Something new, I mean Beginning of End or End of a New Beginning or just Nothing ??
Now, if you look Closely, 12 or (1+2 = 3),, ain't that something new.. and 12 is getting 3 times repeated. Now, ( 3*3 = 9), and which becomes on adding  with 12 ,, 21(12 + 9 = 21)... Did I scare you ??

Well, One more thing Keep Reading to End since there's a new development about Sun and UFO or a Birth of New Planet in our Solar System, by NASA.

Previous 2 Year Question Papers of CDS and NDA.

Well, as title says This is Post deals with Previous 2 Year Question Papers of CDS and NDA.

I dont need to state what kind of examinations these are and what importance do they hold for a student preparing for it.

Now, for CDS ,

Combined Defence Services (CDS) :

5 Reasons why Aliens Exist??

Proves of Alien Existence, Evidence of existence of Aliens on Earth, UFO seen on Earth, 5 Reasons why Aliens Exist

Alien Existence and UFO Sightings has always been in NEWS. There are many Theories floating around thus,, I will try to put some stat regarding same Topic.

Basically, most of us believe that Aliens exist,, yeah i too agree, since i am also of same Ideology.

Btw, Check mine new Blog Post : Amazing Animals of The World

Well, first let me tell you that which country receives most Alien sighting Report,, It's USA,, Making North AMerica and South America UFO Hotspot .

5 Reasons behind This ideology :

Natural Scenery Gallery Part 1

Well, This time I am going to Post a Picture/Photo gallery which will include Pictures from  many Genres like Nature or Aurora or Wall Papers,etc

To view any Picture,, click on it and wait for 5 sec and then you will re-directed to Picture and then from there you may download it.

Disclaimer : [None of these Pictures belong to me,, i have no right over them, not liable any kind of Copyright infrigment act for these Pictures, If guy with copyright has some problem then let me know and i will remove it ASAP]

So, Guys Here goes the Picture,, Enjoy them , Click on Thumbnails to see full Picture and wait for 5 sec to open for them :

Earn and Learn Program (Indians only)

Earn and Learn program(EALP) is an innovation started by a software company of India named Impact softech.

It is completely free to try and it may be termed as Paid to post website

Basically, Earn and learn Program(EALP) is a way to earn money without Investment online.

Best Part time Earning For Students, is what others who try term it.

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Websites which support Ealp :

Movie Review : Khiladi 786 by Experts


"Khiladi Series Returns But Khiladi didnt Return"

CastAkshay Kumar, Asin, Mithun Chakraborty and Himesh Reshammiya 

Director Ashish R Mohan 

Rating : 

Combined Defence Services (CDS) Rush Time

CDS or Combined Defense Services students are aware that they will only be able to fill the application form online until 10th December,,, so Rush Hour has started.

Well, First, I thought too upload some Previous Question Papers and second i want to put all Seats (Vacancies) of CDS  and Tentative dates on Notice,, since examinations are nearing.

And yes official website to upsc is : upsc.gov.in

Now, Coming to Main Part,, About Tentative Dates :

Five Most Amazing Animal Fact Part II

Well Guys i am back with another set of Five most Amazing, Unique and Interesting animal Facts. I hope you guys had liked that one.. since that post became mine blog's Post, so i thought to write second set of it.  If you already haven't seen set 1 then see it ,, Here's Link :

Now, then Let's start with Another set of Unknown Monsters :P .

6. Tardigrade

Five Most Amazing Animal Fact (Part - I)

Amazing Animals of the World Part (I)..

Well There are Many Amazing and Unique Animals in Animal Kingdom regarding which we are unaware.  There is Unique Fact about Crocodile,, I bet that most of you would have been unaware of the fact i will discuss with you right away. Well, Crocodiles also eat stones as well as their stomach has capacity to even digest small of piece of Iron.

Thus what I am Saying that There are many Animals and their Habits regarding which are still Unaware thus mine this Post will be about  " Amazing Animals of the World "


1.  Immortal JellyFish

Should Sachin Tendulkar Retire now ?

The Question is Should Sachin Tendulkar Retire now or not? Well, who am i to suggest him that but i will put stats to you guys so that you may see whether he should retire or not.

Well, if we look through previous  2 Years of his performance in Test then we come to know that his performance has declined for sure. He is not some young player now who may recover and start playing well again.

In this Article we will also compare Sachin's Previous 2 year's Performance with Dravid, Lakshman and Ganguly who also retired.

As i write this article India has already lost 2nd Test Match against England following poor performance of Dhoni and Tendulkar. 

Now, as we all know that Sachin Holds most of the records of Batting. He was also member of that Indian Team which won world cup, previous year in Sub-continent only.

Now let's See Stats of sachin in Test :

10 Tips to Perform better in ISEET

 As the heading suggests this Post will be about how to score more in ISEET such that you get better marks.

AT this stage let's get clear of some facts that ,

>> Maximum 60% aggregated is allowed from Main and Advance,
>> Minimum 40% will be counted from Board marks.

Now, The flexibility of this Structure is such that if any state government wants to calculate rank on a basis created by itself ,, let's say something like which give 50% to Main and Advance combined and 50% to board marks then for that state student will only be allotted colleges on basis of that criteria.

Review of Talaash

Well, Aamir Khan's name Mr. Perfect does Justice to his alias in Talaash. A fascinating story with Kind of No action is a rare sight. Most of the thrillers lose themselves in the end, but this movie just like Don 2 keeps audience glued to their seats and eyes fixed to movie. 

Enough said ,, now let's move to real review and what's this movie is all about.

Talaash is a perfect movie, in a sense that most of those story freaks wants to see. A movie directed by Reema Kagti , which moves as a super thriller in first half and a second half characterized by Emotions and yes Ending has got some supernatural elements which i wont reveal or it will destroy your desire of a pure thriller.

List of Colleges under ISEET

ISEET is a new type of exam started for Entrance in Engineering colleges. This system has been applied from 2013 and it compromises of all the State level Exams, AIEEE and IIT.
ISEET stands for Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test . 

Thus that means that all that colleges that were in AIEEE, IIT and other state level exams will be here. Now, there's one thing we should be clear of that, ISEET will compromise of two rounds :

  • MAIN
  • Advance
Now, Main will compromise of all objective questions. Interesting part is that on same day all papers will be take place, where Main will be followed by Advance.

Main will have easy questions as compared to Advance and if a student is able to obtain a minimum rank that takes him above threshold criteria set then only his advance's paper will be evaluated.

How to score more in ISEET??