In this post ,I will discuss one of the best opportunities for earning money with gaining knowledge in the different sectors like general knowledge ,current affairs ,career related queries and about the different entrance exams in India.

Earn and Learn Contest

Earn and Learn Contest is the latest initiative by some professionals that forms the best platform for the students ,educated unemployed and other persons to earn money online by sitting at home.

It conducts competition twice every month where the candidates who remain in top the 25 are given cash prizes according to their rank by online transfer of cheque after the completion of both sessions.

Eligibility for this contest :

>>You must have basic knowledge how to operate laptop and desktop.

>>You must be an Indian citizen.

>>In order to participate in the contest ,you will have to register at the http://www.readystudy.net/forum.php.

>>There is no registration fee ,however you need to pay Rs 150 as a one time participation fee .However the participation fee is totally refundable if you remain active and participate in the sessions upto six months.

Note: It is hundred percent genuine and legitmate ,I am loving working on it.

Benefits of working on this forum :

>>You will cash prizes .

>>If you will remain in top five of your ranking system ,you will get valuable certificate by the Shri Rammedia Pvt Ltd..It will be beneficial for your resume.

>>You will get a chance to enhance your knowledge in different fields.

Points system on this forum:

>>Initially when you will join the forum ,you will get 5 points per posts as default value .However you points per posts will increase as you answers will be moderated and if found suggestive ,informative and impressive ,you will get increment .Consistency is the key factor for getting increments in point.

The first session is going to be started from the 5th October and the registrations are going on for the session.So do not wait and register your self at the http://www.readystudy.net/forum.php as the first 100 members who will register at this forum will get six points per posts instead of usual 5.

One request to you is kindly like the facebook page of this forum that is https://www.facebook.com/earnandlearncontest?ref=hl

Hope you all will enjoy and share this as much as possible so that unemployed citizens of India can find employment right from sitting at home .

For any more details or any query ,you are welcome to call the representative of that forum :+91 7209228348 / +91 8409534940

All the best .




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