Review of Talaash

Well, Aamir Khan's name Mr. Perfect does Justice to his alias in Talaash. A fascinating story with Kind of No action is a rare sight. Most of the thrillers lose themselves in the end, but this movie just like Don 2 keeps audience glued to their seats and eyes fixed to movie. 

Enough said ,, now let's move to real review and what's this movie is all about.

Talaash is a perfect movie, in a sense that most of those story freaks wants to see. A movie directed by Reema Kagti , which moves as a super thriller in first half and a second half characterized by Emotions and yes Ending has got some supernatural elements which i wont reveal or it will destroy your desire of a pure thriller.

Well, Thriller movies like this one is very rare in Bollywood as Bollywood is currently moving toward a phase which is characterised by Masala movies and Stupid action,. Talaash shows what Bollywood is Capable of.  In mine opinion this movie should get      4 / 5   

Story : 

As i said earlier , This movie all moves around a nicely laid story grasping Audience until the  in Story it should get 5/5   * * * * *

Songs :

Some of the  tracks are pretty damn good. Muskaanein Jhooti Hai, is very nice song itself.
3/5    * * * * *

Acting : 

A movie with three experienced and well established actors will for sure have pretty damn acting. All of three main actors Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukerji does complete justice to their role. Other side actors also have done very good.  5/5  * * * * * 

Direction : 

Well, Reema Kagti has proved that She is a very good director. It looks to me as if anybody works with Mr. Perfect becomes Perfect himself . 4/5   * * * *

Well, To be honest This is a perfect example of Non-violent movie, this movie is one of the least violent movies i can remember in this genre.  In Talaash , you need to hunt for action scenes, it has least action and stunt scenes.

In mine Opinion this movie must gets 4/5   * * * , since i cant award 4.25, thus i will reward it 4. 
I will recommend people to watch this movie since movies like doesn't appear daily while movies as Ek tha tiger,etc will keep coming.. :)

I hope you guys liked mine review, if you liked it then share it with your friends for sure. :)


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