Should Sachin Tendulkar Retire now ?

The Question is Should Sachin Tendulkar Retire now or not? Well, who am i to suggest him that but i will put stats to you guys so that you may see whether he should retire or not.

Well, if we look through previous  2 Years of his performance in Test then we come to know that his performance has declined for sure. He is not some young player now who may recover and start playing well again.

In this Article we will also compare Sachin's Previous 2 year's Performance with Dravid, Lakshman and Ganguly who also retired.

As i write this article India has already lost 2nd Test Match against England following poor performance of Dhoni and Tendulkar. 

Now, as we all know that Sachin Holds most of the records of Batting. He was also member of that Indian Team which won world cup, previous year in Sub-continent only.

Now let's See Stats of sachin in Test :

In 192 Matches with 317 innings he has scored 15562 runs with average of 54.6 and holds 51 centuries and 65 half-centuries.

Now, in previous 2 years his records goes as 18 Matches with 33 innings and he has scored 1196 runs ( previously he used to score this amount of runs in 1 year only) with Average of 38.58 with just 2 centuries.

We may see the huge down fall in his Batting average specially in previous 2 years. In mine opinion he should have retired just after winning world cup as it was his home pitch and it would have really Glorified him but now as we may see that his performance is just going down.

>>   Comparing his batting average to Rahul Dravid , who retired recently, he had average of 42.6 with 8 centuries in 2 years ,  we may see the Gap.    

>>   Now let's come to another legend VVS Lakshman , who also retired recently Even Lakshman had average of  39.65 which better than Sachin with 3 centuries.       

>>   Now, then again as i said i will compare Sachin's average to that of Ganguly,, Ganguly in his previous 2 years had average of 41.47 with 4 centuries.        

I leave stats to you guys to compare , but in mine opinion he should retire now, since maybe his performance may even go down than what he is going through now and then he will forced to retire.

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Now, another guy whose performance is under par is Dhoni. Mine next Article will be about him ,, should he retire too from Tests ?

So, Dhoni's Stats in previous 2 years goes as  35 innings with 986 runs and sloppy average of 31.8 with just 1 century to his credit.


  1. Great Legendary Player sachin Tendulkar..

  2. Well, I agree.. and he did good , since that time was perfect to retire from One Days.. :)

  3. thanks for share.

  4. Indian cricket legends Sachin and Rahul....


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